Marketing is making connections through engagement. Engagement builds trust. Trust, is what builds businesses.

Videos are the ultimate tool of engagement!

In 2019, every company is a media company!

In this media-age you are, de facto, a media company too. Your growth depends on how well you can make use of the media available to tell your stories effectively!

Video and visibility

Be it creating brand awareness, trust or drive sales, videos are your best options!

80% of internet traffic is video streaming

250 million Indians watch videos on their phone every month. In trains and buses, in our living rooms and bedrooms, everywhere India is consuming more videos than ever. Everyone from children to grandparents surf YouTube and watch videos on a daily basis.

88% of marketing professionals use video as a powerful marketing tool

88% of video marketers are satisfied with the high ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media. Companies are increasingly resorting to video marketing to increase their sales, build brand awareness as well as trust, to keep their current customers informed, and to reach out to potential customers.

Video is the ultimate sales tool!

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. Videos help keep users on your website longer and also keep them more engaged -average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. 8 out of 10 people have purchased a piece of software or app, after watching the brand's video.

Check out my video portfolio!I use videos to humanize a brand!

Videos have the power to turn skeptics into acquaintances.

Internet videos can start conversations. Internet videos sure are more interactive than traditional advertisements. Inform your audience. Engage your audience.  Give a personality’to your brand. 

A well-made video can do what other forms of marketing take days and weeks of man-hours to do in just few minutes – convert people into potential buyers!

- I have made videos for -

How do I make videos that work?

You just have 5 seconds to grab an internet user's attention and 30 seconds before you convince them to not close your video & watch it completely! At Mango Tree Media, my media & consulting firm, following steps are how we approach making a video, for smooth communication & most effective results.:
Kick-Off Meeting
You Decide to Embrace Growth!
45 to 60 minute meeting to understand your business, your goals, and to organize the initial details of the project.
Kick-Off Meeting
Research & Creative
Converting Challenges into Opportunities!
We first start by asking questions. Lots of them. What are you expecting to achieve with the video? What is your long-term vision? What are your short-term challenges? Why do customers choose you? Who are your competitors? How do we leverage & market the advantage you have over your competitors? and so on. We gain a strong understanding of what is unique about your business, what makes you successful and what your current needs are.

We use this understanding to create a vision & drive the entire project.
Research & Creative
A Good Video is All About Planning!
We take our understanding of your position and your needs and form a creative brief. Then we take this creative brief and create a logistical game plan to implement it. We map out the necessary scripting, equipment, shooting days, editing days, and put down a schedule, and get moving.

I bring in the best of content writers suitable for your industry/domain to creatively attack your problems and arrive at clear-sighted vision for the video along with a script. The idea is to breakdown complex information and present in simpler, digestible & exciting forms.
Lights, camera, action
This is the fun part! We come out to you with our state-of-the-art cameras, lights, audio equipment, drones, and more to capture all the puzzle pieces we need to piece together the perfect story as mapped out in our creative brief. We make sure the day goes smoothly by having an agenda and communicating everything well in advance.

Or I bring in a team of talented artists and animators and start work on your kickass video, if we plan to make an animation video.
Post-Production / Editing
Magic happens!
This is where we really shine. After getting the shots, we cut them up and bring it all together. When music, motion graphics, animation and live-video all come together it's magical. In the end, we'll have an amazing video that's ready to hit the market.
Post-Production / Editing
Magic, Presented to You!
We present our work in High Quality Full HD or 4K format (whichever we finalize for the project) that you can use over various platforms - Social media, Youtube, Television screening, Large screen projection, Whatsapp sharing, etc.

It just doesn't stop there! I also offer to...

Launch & Market your videos, the right way!

Making a video is a rigorous process. But marketing a video effectively and taking it to a wide and focused audience takes skill sets of a completely different kind!

Luckily, digital marketing is indeed my strong suit!

I'll sit with you and help you game-plan on how to get the most out of your investment. We'll lay out specific strategies for marketing the video & it's message and create a campaign on various channels to make sure this video is seen and accomplishes the goals we set out to accomplish.

Video Production Services

Choosing the right kind of video for your needs is half the work done! At Mango Tree Media, I have produced videos of all kinds. Following are some of the highest ROI providing categories.

Corporate Films

Ideal for your company website and to present in trade fairs and to your investors. Corporate films have proven to be great investments in brand building and to showcase your infrastructure & manufacture capacities.

Infomational Videos

Tutorial videos, service explanation videos, demonstration videos and awareness videos help in increasing brand awareness. Startups and big brands alike are embracing the classic infomercial formats even - with a few humorous modern twists.

Promotional Videos

Short promo videos are ideal to showcase your product/service in creative ways. Promo videos perform greatly in internet video ad campaigns. Promotional videos need to be made creatively to exploit its potential. Promotional hooks us right from its first second and keeps us engaged throughout. Promotional videos that use humour & those that are inspirational have to proved to work greatly among consumers. Communication should be smooth & precise in a promo video.

Explainer Videos

Animated or live-action videos integrated with motion graphics are ideal to showcase and explain your app or product is the best way to gain attention for your latest app/product. Humour and a jovial friendliness is expressed to convey the attitude of new age products & services.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are one of the best performing internet videos of all time, in terms of marketing. People trust in a brand/product more when they watch other people share their experience with the brand. Testimonial videos sound simple. But they are most difficult to make. It has to be true and believable. I have produced 100s of testimonial videos and I sure know the tricks make the truth come out in the brand's favor!

Events & Corporate Presentations

Get your corporate events, TEDx talks, & seminars recorded professionally with crystal clear audio! A well made corporate presentation video can grab the attention of that investor right away!

Are you a small business owner with big dreams?

I enjoy working with small businesses and cracking their code to organic growth and success. I believe small businesses are keys to our futures in producing innovations in a sustainable way. I have made it my mission to help bring in the marketing growth needed for as many small businesses as possible, so that they can focus more on their innovations and solutions.

Let's try & make your digital dreams a reality, with cool internet videos!

Results I've Helped Create


"Working with Lakshmi has always been a great experience. Her professionalism, the way she makes herself available and her support are what sets her apart from the others. Working with her gave me new insights into how I was approaching marketing & communication."

Ash Vasudevan
Founding/Managing Partner of Edge Holdings, LLC a venture foundry

"Lakshmi is one among the few who care about customer service and satisfaction as much as I do. She is pretty serious and committed to the job and was extremely patient with our alterations and changes. She is polite and easy to do business with."

Mr.Robin Moses
Founder & CEO Reach Accountant

"Lakshmi is a perfectionist and she takes extra effort in all her assignments from video production to website optimization till she has given it her all. I admire the way she took her time to understand our requirements completely and the questions she asked in that stage made a huge difference in the way we started seeing our own marketing goals. Would highly recommend"

Dhinesh Kanagaraj
Founder of Fabheads Automation Pvt Ltd

"I remember the day when I heard about PPC from Lakshmi. Since then, we have shifted our marketing approach completely towards PPC. The results have been amazing and I love the way internet marketing allows you to track and measure every rupee that is spent."

Dr. Karthik Ram
Chief Surgeon at Chennai Plastic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently questions and answers!

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I am item content. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

I tell stories. I build connections. I build businesses.​

I am Lakshmi Parkavi and I build brands. I am a digital marketing expert, trainer and video producer with 12+ years of experience in building engagement for my clients and their products/services. I have created and managed digital marketing campaigns for major brands and produced over 700 videos. My focus and joy has always been in helping small businesses and enterprising individuals grow. 

Now I’m sharing all my learnings over the years as simple, easy-to-follow online courses for entrepreneurs, marketing executives, aspiring digital marketing professionals and enterprising individuals (YouTubers, influencers, etc). More than 10 short and long courses are on the way. And I offer 1-on-1 online coaching sessions for select individuals. 

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