FAST-track your business growth with a digital boost! Build your brand, increase sales & get the highest ROI for your marketing spend!

Let’s work together to create a clearly-defined digital marketing strategy for your company/business and execute it, and watch the numbers grow! Let’s not waste anymore time. Let us get your business catch up to the latest digital trends and find a way to stay ahead!

Business has only two functions - marketing & innovation.

– Milan Kundera

We are bombarded with marketing messages everywhere we go, on our TVs, computers and on our phones, all day all week. Any business without the millions of dollars marketing budget is worried about reaching their audience amidst all this noise, in spite however good their product/service is. 

But from where I’m at, with 12+ years of marketing experience in the internet, I see so many avenues and possibilities in the digital world still left to explore and exploit by businesses to smartly get their message across to a wider audience in a focused way. Ideas and commitment go a long way in creating success than just money.

Tell me about your marketing challenges, I’ll find ways for you turn your challenges into opportunities! Come, let’s cut through all the noise and reach people and make connections!

You bring the value. I bring the visibility!


Digital Marketing Services

People don't buy products/services, they buy relations, stories & magic!
I help you tell your stories and create a connection with your target audience!

Complete Digital Transformation

Let’s get you ready for a major digital makeover. Let’s evaluate your existing channels and find out immediate and long term goals. Let’s prioritize your goals and form a clear-sighted digital marketing strategy & campaigns. Let’s claim our share of the pie in the ongoing digital revolution. This is a committed and focused work which will give you benefits & growth for at least a few years to come! 

Identity & Content Creation

Strength of your identity can make or break your brand value! Good identity gives a personality to your business. People would prefer to interact with a business with a unique voice, than with a faceless, characterless business entity. I help create business identity & related content that makes your brand unique & communicate an effective story, be it – logo, stationary, websites, videos, social media posts & other marketing materials.

Social Media Promotion

I create and run effective social media campaigns for both long term branding and for quick, short-term sales/leads generation. Creating social media content that is shareable so that we reach a level to get organic growth is what I aspire towards in my campaigns. At the same time, when you do your research, understand the patterns of your target audience and create content/run your targeted advertising accordingly, success is inevitable. And that’s what I offer!

How does it work?

My approach to successful digital marketing campaigns.
Identify Challenges
You Decide to Embrace Growth!
Growth starts when commitment and drive are put together. However driven we can be, real world is more complex and competitive. You can't spend too much energy in marketing at the expense of your performance & creation of value in your business. That's why I'm here to help! As a first step, we talk. I listen. I understand. I evaluate your current position and existing marketing channels & assets. I analyse every inch of the distance between where you are now and where you want to be. I identify all the blocks to your marketing growth along the way.
Identify Challenges
Goal Setting
Converting Challenges into Opportunities!
Required amount of research, surveying and interviews are conducted to form a rounded picture of your 'buyer persona' - a pool of your ideal customers - and create a value proposition for them - answering the question of “If I am your ideal customer, why should I purchase your product/service over one of your competitors?” Once we articulate your business goals (brand awareness, increase in leads/sales, etc), I convert it into 'digital goals' (conversion rate in the website, search engine first page results, increase no. of followers, customer retention, etc). That will give us a road map for achievable success, with the help of proven digital marketing tactics. Inject some creativity into the 'content plan', we have a potent combination of personality and persuasion!
Goal Setting
Get down in the trenches
We activate our campaigns and put our plans & strategies into motion! All the content is prepared with care to build your brand's personality & trust factor, and achieve sales goals. Our meticulously structured timeline of activity is diligently implemented. Various parts of our digital marketing campaigns are brought together in this phase. I love the sound of the gears clicking into place and my campaigns working together to maximize the results!
Get down in the trenches
Measurement of success
Discovery of more possibilities!
Auditing & measurement of the performance of our digital marketing campaigns are never an after-thought in my book. It's an important part of the process. We create proper reports along every step of the way in our campaigns. Reports and numbers always reveal more truth, if we know how and where to look of course. There are always opportunities to discover new avenues of growth to exploit from a report. It also shows what has worked and what we can leverage and lean on more. We tailor our future campaigns based on these discoveries.
Measurement of success

Successful businesses are built from vision & strong execution!

I believe in building brands that stand the test of time, competition & rapid changes in the market, without affecting measurable short-term impact in terms of leads, sales and numbers. And vice versa!

Are you a small business owner with big dreams?

I enjoy working with small businesses and cracking their code to organic growth and success. I believe small businesses are keys to our futures in producing innovations in a sustainable way. I have made it my mission to help bring in the marketing growth needed for as many small businesses as possible, so that they can focus more on their innovations and solutions.

Let's try & make your digital dreams a reality. And some more!

Results I've Helped Create


"Working with Lakshmi has always been a great experience. Her professionalism, the way she makes herself available and her support are what sets her apart from the others. Working with her gave me new insights into how I was approaching marketing & communication."

Ash Vasudevan
Founding/Managing Partner of Edge Holdings, LLC a venture foundry

"Lakshmi is one among the few who care about customer service and satisfaction as much as I do. She is pretty serious and committed to the job and was extremely patient with our alterations and changes. She is polite and easy to do business with."

Mr.Robin Moses
Founder & CEO Reach Accountant

"Lakshmi is a perfectionist and she takes extra effort in all her assignments from video production to website optimization till she has given it her all. I admire the way she took her time to understand our requirements completely and the questions she asked in that stage made a huge difference in the way we started seeing our own marketing goals. Would highly recommend"

Dhinesh Kanagaraj
Founder of Fabheads Automation Pvt Ltd

"I remember the day when I heard about PPC from Lakshmi. Since then, we have shifted our marketing approach completely towards PPC. The results have been amazing and I love the way internet marketing allows you to track and measure every rupee that is spent."

Dr. Karthik Ram
Chief Surgeon at Chennai Plastic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently questions and answers!

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I tell stories. I build connections. I build businesses.​

I am Lakshmi Parkavi and I build brands. I am a digital marketing expert, trainer and video producer with 12+ years of experience in building engagement for my clients and their products/services. I have created and managed digital marketing campaigns for major brands and produced over 700 videos. My focus and joy has always been in helping small businesses and enterprising individuals grow. 

Now I’m sharing all my learnings over the years as simple, easy-to-follow online courses for entrepreneurs, marketing executives, aspiring digital marketing professionals and enterprising individuals (YouTubers, influencers, etc). More than 10 short and long courses are on the way. And I offer 1-on-1 online coaching sessions for select individuals. 

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