Practical, comprehensive, easy to follow digital marketing courses designed from years of real world experience!

Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Managers, Marketing Executives, Digital Marketing Professionals, Content Creators to expand their horizons in the digital domain with step-by-step guide into becoming a efficient digital marketer! 

Expertly curated online video courses tailor-made for shorter learning curves!

My digital marketing courses are designed and structured in a way to help you gain the skill sets of a complete digital marketer in a short time frame by following my step-by-step plans!


A solid foundation in the basics of how the internet platforms like Youtube, search engines, etc work and how audience interact with your content is where we start in my courses. However fast the internet changes, the basics remain the same. This will help you understand the core of all digital marketing principles and give a confidence to handle all kinds of digital marketing campaigns.


Let's not waste time! Let's jump straight into creating our own content, campaigns and processes right away. It's only effective way to learn - to learn on the job!


I create and run successful digital marketing campaigns for a living. Let me walk you through some of the advanced online tools and methodologies we professionals use on our jobs. The online tools may be advanced, but do not worry! I have provided simple instructions and complete demonstrations for you to follow along and use these advanced tools for your own purposes.

Fast-track your growth with practical digital marketing courses

The world is living in and through the internet. Learn the tools to exploit the digital world for your growth! Become and be the rockstar CEOs of your own empires!

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs

Do you want to break into the digital domain and maximize your reach? Learn to create and run your own content and digital marketing campaigns yourself. I personally love helping businesses grow. My courses are designed for small businesses to promote themselves with ease and maximum effectiveness by spending as little time as possible.

Managers, Marketing Professionals

Take the lead in your company! Understand the ins and outs of digital marketing and associated tools. Learn to create and manage marketing campaigns on your own. Whether you want to run the digital marketing for your organization yourself or to oversee your team, getting a strong foothold in the digital marketing world has already become a must for any manager who wants to go up in the business ladder. Spend few hours and take my video courses and equip yourself with new skills & tools to handle marketing in the digital world with ease!

Digital Marketing Professionals, Students, Influencers, YouTubers, Content Creators

Whether you are a student, homemaker or freelancer wanting to make a career in freelance digital marketing, or if you are YouTuber, blogger, influencer or anyone who wants to make a living using the internet, tmy easy-to-follow digital marketing online courses are ideal for you! I have structured my courses in a way to simplify and understand digital marketing concepts for students of all levels of expertise. Rest assured at the end of my training programs you'll have an arsenal of skills and tools to promote yourself and your content for maximum reach!

I'm here to help!​

Extended support for online courses

I want you to get maximum benefits from my easy to follow digital marketing courses.

That’s why I have decided to provide online guidance & support to anyone who takes my online courses by taking questions and being available to help through their journey of learning and growth.

Learning never stops!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions and answers. Feel free to contact me in case you need any more clarifications.

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I tell stories. I build connections. I build businesses.

I am Lakshmi Parkavi and I build brands. I am a digital marketing expert, trainer and video producer with 12+ years of experience in building engagement for my clients and their products/services. I have created and managed digital marketing campaigns for major brands and produced over 700 videos. My focus and joy has always been in helping small businesses and enterprising individuals grow. 

Now I’m sharing all my learnings over the years as simple, easy-to-follow online courses for entrepreneurs, marketing executives, aspiring digital marketing professionals and enterprising individuals (YouTubers, influencers, etc). More than 10 short and long courses are on the way. And I offer 1-on-1 online coaching sessions for select individuals. 

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