Online Courses: Worth or Not Worth ?

10 Simple Filters to WEED out the UNWORTHY COURSES.

No Online Course is ORIGINAL. Things have already been said and spoken a thousand times before. But we buy a course because we find all the information we need in ONE PLACE, structured well.

Truly passionate Creators can save our time by a year or two, not just teach tools but strategies, not just educate but elevate us and upgrade us in a matter of a few hours. 

There is another side to Online Courses.  

Every single day

We are bombarded with Ads from Online Courses. 

Most courses advertised are like 

‘Bogus Burgers’.

Is there a way to find if a course is 


I’ve compiled 10 WARNING SIGNS or RED FLAGS to look for while buying a course Online.   

Let’s begin with ‘Price’.

  1. PRICE 

Online Courses should not make you pay a monthly EMI. 

It should cost you more or less what you would pay for a good lunch or dinner. 

Most of the time, you can always find it for FREE in places like

  • Google Digital Unlocked
  • Facebook BluePrint
  • YouTube Creator Academy
  • Harvard 64Courses
  • And Tons of YouTube Videos 

Never forget to check the relatively inexpensive marketplaces like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare. If the COURSE is making you take a LOAN, then a BIG WARNING FLAG. 


If the course creator is showing a car, huge house, and promises of big things then, It’s a trap set for you. The advertisements or landing pages are luring you into a mousetrap. 

That’s not just a warning sign, a Big Red Flag. 


If a Course structure looks too good, and you cannot find it all in one place on Youtube or Google you can go for it.

 If you find routine stuff that you can find on YouTube or Google just put a warning sign. 

If the style of presentation makes you YAWN, then look for other courses that will make you sit up and Take Notes. 


If you spot ads with  ‘This is only for the next 72 hours’, then place a big warning sign. 

That’s FOMO. 

FOMO means ‘Fear of Missing Out’. So the course creators are trying to employ that trick on you. However Udemy, one of my favorite marketplaces does it all the time 🙂

Within one scroll it has two messages of FOMO.


Bundling a lot of Freebies together, with the Course. 

5000$ worth of PDFs, E-books, Templates and the course you intended to buy for just 50$

Whenever you spot Additional Freebies, Complete Focus should be on the course that you came to buy for.

Is the course truly worth 50$ or you can get it anywhere else for Free or less is the question you should ask yourself. 

If you see bundles, then it’s a WARNING FLAG. Remind yourself again, why you landed on that page. Focus on the primary material alone and ignore the Freebies, to make a decision. 


When refunds are automatic or easy or no hassle, then all is good. 

No one is answering the calls or replying to emails scenario is the worst case that can happen to you when you buy Online.  

Beware of the worst-case scenario and always remember: Money is Refundable, Time is non-refundable.  

So if there is no Refund Policy stated or people are complaining about the Refund Status in social media posts, then it is a Warning Flag. 


When some people are advertising courses, especially at the end of the course

If they say, 

Do want to become an entrepreneur


Or you want to stay a wantrepreneur [and be happy with your wretched life ]

This is called Confirm Shaming.

It’s more like someone telling you

 “You are a fool if you don’t enroll in this course “. 

Confirmshaming is the act of guilting the user into opting into something. 

So if any course page is doing confirm shaming on you, then place a big warning sign.


Buying an online course is NOT EQUAL to Success.

Working on things you learned, every day for months and years together will make you an 


So whenever someone says, in 7 days you will start earning 10000$ and this course is only 100$.

So what are you waiting for?

You should definitely WAIT and add a Warning Flag next to the Course. 

When you hear big numbers like 

“I made one million dollars in a week. My students make 20,000 dollars a day”

Two questions you have to ask is :

  1. Is it profit or revenue? In a lot of businesses, revenue would be huge and profit margins would be lesser than what a freelancer earns. 
  2. Did you make it consistently: this 1 million every month or was it just a one time wonder?

I am an affiliate marketer and 90% of my monthly Income comes from YouTube / Amazon. In this Course I have revealed all the secrets. 

When you hear or see something like this, the question you should ask is 

What is his 90 % monthly Income? 

Is it 100 $ or 100,000 $ . We don’t have a CLUE. 


Big Celebrity Photos, Press Mentions, Ted Talks, Number of Enrollments 

Take it all with a pinch of Salt. 

Someone who created a course 4 years ago will obviously have more enrollments and more reviews than someone who created it 4 months ago.

But the 4-year course could be outdated now. 

The 4-month course could be the Most Relevant One.

But the numbers ( ENROLLMENTS, REVIEWS ) can trick us. 

Don’t make your decision just based on the Gallery Images and Big Company Logos. 


Imagine you purchased a course. 

You half like it or half don’t like it.

A few days later, you receive a mail from the course creator asking you to become an affiliate. 

Your Mail Reads :

“Can you sell my course to your COUSIN and CLOSE FRIENDS? I will give you a 30 percent commission. “

So your cousin gives 100 bucks and purchases the course; You get your 30 bucks from the creator ( COUSIN )

You can do this. Taking 30 bucks from a cousin and close friends is allowed only when the 

COURSE is exceptional and the course Creator is offering Tremendous Value, Refunds ( without Hassle ), and very Supportive.

If the course is average, then don’t STEAL from your cousin or CLOSE friends. Don’t STEAL their Money and their Time. 


The best selling book is not the best book and in the same way, a course with more enrollments is not the best course. It is our responsibility to invest our time and money on courses that will upgrade us, elevate us. 

By watching one course you are not watching another. There is an opportunity cost involved. 

By reading this post, you didn’t read another article or watch a YouTube Video. Thank you for choosing my post. 


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